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Submission for 2014 is closed!
Thank you for your films!


These are the winners 2013
28 April 2013

This year again, there was a bunch of prizes to win (not to mention the honor, of course).

Audience awards

For the first time in La.Meko history, our audience awarded three movies instead of one. Here's the result:

  • 1. Audience award (500€):
    Centrifugal Brain Project
    Director: Till Nowak

  • 2. Audience award (250€):
    I have a boat
    Director: Nathan Nill

  • 3. Audience award (250€):
    Director: Philipp Käßbohrer


As in every year, there was a contest in 2013. This year's contest motto was a bit funky: "Exploding Buds" - based on the short movie of Petra Brix. The winner is:

  • Contest winner (250€):
    Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella

Jury awards

Last but not least there was a jury who awarded another three movies. Thanks to Thomas Oberlies, Michael Kaltenegger und Petra Brix! Here are their favorites:

  • Best international film (250€):
    Les condiments irréguliers
    Director: Adrien Beau

  • Best German film (250€):
    One Shot
    Director: Dietrich Brüggemann

  • Best regional film (250€):
    Director: Oliver Krause

Congratulations to all awardees!


Director Adrien Beau and actress & costume designer Anne Blanchard are happy about their prize and the associated bottle of wine.




























Did you notice?
26 April 2013

Did you notice that since Monday, Landau streets are empty as from 7pm? The reason is obvious: all cool people are at the cinema. At La.Meko festival, to be more precise.

If you have not been there yet: be quick!

Today is the last regular day of the festival, with two more terrific blocks. Tomorrow, we will finish with the grand finale. We are looking forward to seeing you there, or there, or both!


The La.Mekoes await you in a springlike ambience.





12 April 2013


The program is out.

Click here to download it (in German).






Five new news
29 Mar 2013

By the rate of updates you can tell that we are really f... busy. However, IF we update, we UP-date.

Here's a bunch of news from the La.Meko executive committee:

1. The program is fixed! (Everybody goes: Yeah!)

2. But it is not yet printed. (Everybody goes: Oooh!)

3. The jury awarded the best movies yesterday. (Everybody: yeeeeah!!).

4. But we won't tell you which these are until the award ceremony on April, 27th. (Everybody: ooooooh!)

5. Apart from the three jury prices, there's a competition prize to win, as well as 3 (three!) audience awards! And who is going to award those? It's you, the audience!

So, no further appointments in between April 22nd and 27th, no party, no date. Because where will you spend your time then? That's right! In the cinema, at the La.Meko shortfilm festival! (Everybody goes: Yeeeah! Hooray!!!! Bravo!!!!! Viva La.Meko!!!!!!)

Thank you very much for your attention!




















Yes and no
14 Jan 2013

Yes, we are still there. And no, we have not disappeared.

Then why has it been so silent on this page, for such a long time? That's easy: We had to watch movies day and night, unceasingly.

Here is what we can promise you right now: It will be a wonderful festival programme. You will be moved to tears, be that tears of joy or tears of other emotions. And of course, it will be tears of thankfulness, that there are so many people willing to share their story with us.

Thank you, dear film makers!









Spring fever!!!
05 Oct 2012

Not only is "spring fever" an excellent word, but it's also the guideline for our next festival, which will take place on April 22.-27., 2013.

Once more, and highlighted:

The next La.Meko festival will take place in between April 22 and April 27 of next year.

One more time for consolidation: The International Short Film Festival in Landau (La.Meko) is happy to invite you to the next festival (22.-27. April 2013).

To conclude this article, here's a little test: When will the next La.Meko Short Film Festival take place?

That's right! Well done! :-)












Great things cast their short shadows ahead
03 Juni 2012

We promised: As far as we are concerned, you will not have to miss your yearly dose of short films (even though the festival will take place next year, see below).

You may note with pencil in your notebooks:


Cinema Camion: 2./ 3. July 2012

We'll stop by at the Sommercafé in Landau university with our cinema van and show selections from the archive.


Villa Böhm: 87. September 2012

On September 8th, we will decorate the exhibition of some first class artists from Landau which takes place in the beautiful, beautiful Villa Böhm in Neustadt/Weinstraße.


Of course, that's most likely not the entire 2012 program. However, the way things are going, we'll be through with the program quite accurately for the end of the world - which is 12 Dec, 2012, according to the interpretation of maya calendars by experts. With the festival, we'll wait until the waves have calmed.

Grosse Ereignisse



















Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Krótkometrażowych - Landau
10 Mai 2012

When translated to English, 'międzynarodowy' means 'international'. 'Festiwal filmów' is 'film festival', and 'krótkometrażowych' is the (not so short) word for 'short'. 'Landau' is 'Landau', and there you are: La.Meko in Polish.

Some La.Meko shorts have been on tour at the Festiwal KAN, an indie film festival held in Wrocław, Poland.

Podziękowania dla zaproszenie i pozdrowienia ciepłe do Wrocławia!

Thanks for inviting us and our best regards to Wrocław!






04 Mai 2012

It has not been too unstressful, this 10th festival a long five months ago. We'll have to take a deep breath now, and then another one, and by then it will be summer, and then it will be fall, and then there will be ... Santa Claus and New Years Eve and Carnival and then it's spring again. Spring 2013.

And that's when we'll do our next festival. Probably in April.

And in the meantime?

We will let you know soon. <3