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(Yesterday's) News

Finished. Gone. Well and truly over.

That was it - the festival 2010. And it has been wonderful, as always. A million thanks to all film makers, to the incredible audience, and to all of those who made that festival possible!!!

And these are the winners ...


And the winners are ...
6 Nov 10

Jury Award: Best Movie

The award for the best movie, including prize money of 500€, went to Corinna Liedtke for her quasi-documentary Thomas, Thomas.


Jury Award: Best Foreign Movie

That price was awarded to Lina Luzyte from Lithuania for her fictional film It would be splendid, yet .... Thanks for coming to Landau to receive the award, Lina! It was splendid to have you here - without a yet!


Jury Award: Best experimental

This price (250€) went to Adrien Beau from France for his nostalgicalized black-and-white movie La Petite Sirène. And it was certainly not (only) the sirene's singing that led to this decision.


Jury Award: Best Animation

The price for the best animation (250€) was awarded to Verena Fels for her very touching and funny story Mobile.


Jury Citation

A citation was given to the turbulent stop-motion-movie Der Bettnässer (The bed-wetter) by Stephan Müller and Ingo Schiller.


Ladies Award

Gender Mainstreaming in mind, we split the Ladies Award into two: One half was awarded by our gents, the other one by the ladies.

The ladies' choice was Chicken Wings, an animated western with exceptional characters which immediately won our hearts. Half of the Ladies Award (250€) went to director Pauline Kortmann.

The gentlemen voted for Non, je ne regrette rien, a short documentary on the Canadian street musicians Mary (80) and Mike (73). The price was rewarded to director Barbara Davids. Thanks, Barbara, for having been our guest during the entire festival. Not only did you love Landau - Landau loved you, too!


Regional Award

The Regional Award, donated by the VR bank (250€) was given to Dominik Schmitt from Landau, for his Super-8-ish experimental movie Plazenta.


Audience Award

Last but not least: The audience's favorite director was Nuno Rocha with his basketball-and-calculation-movie 3x3. Talking about calculation: Nuno can soon calculate with the prize money of 250€.


Audience Citation

The Audience Award was veeeery narrowly missed by the veeeery short movie Infinite Memory by Relinde de Graaff, who could cast for her movie the reincarnation of Hitler, among others. To compensate this, we created the Audience Citation - for the first time ever.


Inter-movie entertainment designed by Lo-Fi-Man Lamebunny

Did you know: Ulf Czellnik owns and sells more than 200.000 ancient journals. Those, for example ...


















































31 Oct 10

Today is the day! We were eagerly waiting for it!

La.Meko Number Nine!

The first block starts at 7pm, the second at 9pm. And this is how it will be, until Friday, when the grand, fantastic, marvellous, breath-taking award ceremony will take place.

Make sure you don't miss a single movie!





Party Bash - We need your vote
26 Oct 10

Vote us a party!

Antenne Landau, our local radio station, wants to organize us a party. However, we need your vote. So vote, vote, vote - unit Friday!

Click here to vote

But more more important:

Come to the festival! It starts on Sunday!!!

It will be one of the most colorful and maybe the best La.Meko ever! We were overwhelmed with fantastic shorts from all over the world, and never ever has it been so difficult to make a choice.

That's why we recommend to visit ALL blocks - otherwise you'll miss a lot! (We made "Season tickets" are extra cheap for that reason.)












Cinéma Camion - Truck Cinema! September 11th
7 Sep 10

Associations, associate! That could be the motto of the Landau Day of Associations. It isn't, but we will anyway associate.

Next Saturday, September 11th, we show selected short film jewels in the centre of Landau.

When? 11th of September, starting at 11am, stopping at 4pm

Where? In the yard of the ancient "Red Baracks" (see Google Maps)

What if it rains? No problem. Our cinema will be a transporter, cozy and warm.







3...2...1... done
17 Aug 10

August 16th arrived sooner than expected, and has passed since. And that means the passing of our deadline for 2010 submissions. (Of course we accept everything that's still on its way to find us.)

Thank you so much for your incredible movies!

We will now withdraw for a while to contemplate and set up a programme the world has never seen before. Thanks to you, dear film makers, it will be an easy job.


On September 11st, in between 11a.m. and 4p.m. (CET), we will show some goodies from our archive, in the pedestrian zone of Landau/Pfalz (Germany, next to the French border).

Should you happen to be around: Don't hesitate to stop by.













日本の映画 - فیلم ایرانی - הסרט הישראלי
15 Jul 10

It's pouring short films from all of the five continents. Thank you so much for these wonderful insights! We are enthusiastic - and challenged at the same time.

E.g., how do the titles of the Iranian submission transcribe, how do you spell them and what do they mean? Who can help us with the Portuguese film, with Portuguese dialogues and Portuguese captions? Both exemplary and astonishing: The title of the Japanese movie "Hana ni muri wo saseru". In English simply: "Mothers".

Our curiosity is immense, our eyes are wide awake, and the beamer overheats. Give us your movies from near and far! We will be happy like small childs!

And here is another hint for all short film friends:


They are looking forward to your submissions, too. Any kind, any genre, preferrably not longer than 10 minutes.















101 beautiful shorts
13 Jun 10

We got him! The 101st film in 2010!


Among all the films we receive, there are some non-films every now and then. For example some PR material from the "alles nur geträumt" festival. In case you are between 15 and 21 years old and originate from the region of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, you are welcome to send your submission:


Those of you, who are too old and/or too young and/or too non-rhineland-palatinate, and all of you who want to do so, please feel free to send your submissions to us.

Don't forget to add the film!!

101 La.Meki








What do the Hungarians do???
26 Apr 10

Currently, there is no good news from Hungary. However, there are good films.

During the "Europäischen Kulturtagen" (European Days of Culture) in Karlsruhe, the Independent Days organizers showed "Hungarian Shorts" - and we have seen them. As well as the grand finale.

Unfortunately, that's all we saw from the Independent Days this year.

You missed even more? Don't worry!

On mai 9th, you can see the top of the pops - 'Best of Independent Days':

Ausgeschlachtet - Open House in the "Alter Schlachthof" Karlsruhe

Logo Europäische Kulturtage









La.Meko meets the Golden Stag ("Goldener Hirsch")
11 Mar 2010

Knowing Olaf means knowing we know how to bell. ;-)

Yesterday, we were inspired by another belling, the belling of the Golden Stag ("Goldener Hirsch"). "Goldener Hirsch" is a regional all-the-year short film festival taking place either in Mannheim or Heidelberg.

Everybody is invited to join the belling. Next show: 26. mai 2010, in Heidelberg.

Click here to learn more ... (in German)






We don't know what you did last summer
28 Feb 2010

But we know what we will do in between 31.10. and 5.11.2010: We will La.meke!

If you want to join us, calendar this:

Next La.Meko:
31. October to 5. November 2010





La.Meko goes Web2.0
09 Feb 2010

When not discussing films, we talk about the boon and bane of modern times. There will never be an agreement, but there is a good compromise:

We reject virtual striptease, decidedly and partially.

La.Meko on facebook
La.Meko on StudiVZ (German)




Da Capo!!!
16 Jan 2010

Crazy in our enthusiasm, we decided to do it again. We will jump into chaos once more, for the 2010 festival. Hooray!

Click here for more information.

Call for entries is open.

Closing date is August 16th, 2010. We are looking forward to your movies from all over the world.

Download application form.

LaMeko Audience 2009





Cheers, ta, thank you for the 2009 festival success!
20 Dec 2009

Laudatio to all of you!

Thanks to the passionate audience!

Thanks to the brillant film-makers!

Thanks to the professional cinema management!

Thanks to the outstanding program layouter!

And thanks to the hilarious moderation!

Thanks to all for making this wonderful festival happen.

In the gallery, we selected the finest moments for you.

LaMeko Audience 2009