2009 La.Meko Rétrospective

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We are looking back at a peaceful and entertaining festival, with a great selection of formidable movies in an enchanting ambiance. Get an impression in our gallery.

We were especially happy to welcome some film-makers here in Landau. We will see you again in 2010, won't we?

Olaf taking a picture

And these are the awardees:

The jury nominated as "Best Movie":
"Kopfgeburtenkontrolle" by Jan Riesenbeck

Further Jury Award

  • Cleanest Movie: "Der Koboldsammler" by Ulf H. Czellnik

  • Best Clip: "Robosonic - Sprachfehler"
    by Robert Gruss, Florian Leitl, Kristina Peter, Sebastian Schierwater und Nils Strehlow (Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule Nürnberg)

  • Best Animation: "Ein Fernseherfilm" by Daniel Faigle

The "Beautiful" Contest winner was:
"2,5mgo" by Gerhard Funk

The Regional Award was given to:
"Geldregen" by Christian Schega and Jan Siebel


The winner of the Audience Award was:
"Antje und wir" by Felix Stietz

Click here to see the complete audience rating.


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